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Our durable, eco-friendly, non slip yoga mats are a must-have for any home gym.

Novalook Yoga Mat (4 Colours)

C$59.99 Regular Price
C$30.00Sale Price
What Colour?
  • Durable & Eco-Friendly

    Made from durable TPE material which is non tear quality material. These non-toxic mats are latex free, eco-friendly and completely safe to use for a long time with repeated usage over and again.

  • Non Slip & Comfortable

    The non-slip workout mat with body alignment system is a slip resistant mat to prevent injuries. It provides high density cushion effect so that you can exercise with complete comfort, safety and peace of mind.06:25 AM

  • Lightweight & Portable

    The eco-friendly non-slip yoga mat is lightweight about 0.9 Kg and you can easily carry in our custom carry case wherever you go. Fold it up after use and store it anywhere you want inside a cabinet, hang on wall hook.

  • Sized To Perfection & Easy To Maintain

    The body alignment yoga mat measuring 72 x 24 Inch (183 x 61cm) with 6mm thickness is perfect to be used for any fitness exercise, like, yoga, pilates, floor exercise, workouts, meditation, etc. by everyone. Wash it wash it using a soft brush and mild soap or detergent and it is clean to use again

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