Get more plates for less with our 2.0 Bumper Plates, or go pro with our Competition line.




E-Bikes, Exercise Bikes, Weight Plates, Barbells & Dumbbells to:

Toronto, Scarborough, Oshawa, Barrie, Mississauga, Milton, Hamilton, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Niagara & everywhere in between.


Megs Jones | Pickering, ON

"Novalook has been nothing short of amazing. When the pandemic hit we were in the process of building our home gym. We reached out to Novalook and the owner set up a phone call with myself and my husband. He was professional and extremely insightful about gym equipment. We have now purchased a full set of plates and adjustable dumbbells from them and let me tell you these products are AMAZING. I will eventually be training clients (after the pandemic) with my Novalook equipment as I have been loving it so much. Thank you Novalook for being so professional and making such amazing products. PS. All of my products were delivered the next day!!! How amazing is that?!!!"


Brian Hui | Toronto, ON

"With the pandemic going on and gym closures, there’s no better investment than Novalook dumbbells. With the adjustable dumbbells, they are so versatile and there are endless exercises that could be performed. First of all, they are a local brand, so the dumbbells arrived the day after!! The price cannot be beat comparable to the market. Their customer service is excellent as you’ll receive prompt responses to any questions or concerns. Highly recommended and they won’t disappoint!"


Amanda Root | Barrie, ON

"Being a paramedic working shift work in a pandemic makes it challenging to get to the gym given the current restrictions. I decided to order a pair of the adjustable dumbbells from Novalook and do all my workouts from home. The quality is amazing and it allows me to still lift heavy without having to dedicate an entire room in my house to a gym."


Andrea Laurin | Orangeville, ON

"Novalook brings out what it means to be Canadian;

  • to be of service- delivery with a smile and personality

  • respectful- meeting the need of quality and affordability

  • thoughtful- providing opportunity and employment to local university students

Novalook understands the market, offering a growing variety of staple fitness products to benefit an active and healthy lifestyle. They truly care,"


Ashley Lloyd | Toronto, ON

"Novalook's quality and service are phenomenal! I ordered a set of 90lb dumbbells & stand and they arrived within 24 hours! With gyms and my jiujitsu academy closed it's great to have a quality product that is so versatile without the need for a large training space. I would highly recommend Novalook's equipment to my clients and anyone looking to level up their training. Thank you so much!"


Nicholas Yeh | Toronto, ON

"Using Novalook's competition plates made my max out session even better!
Their competition plates were solid, high quality and felt great on the barbell. They also get extra points because I didn't have to sell my left arm for them. Reasonable price and high quality. What else can you ask for? Being in the fitness industry for over 8+ years, their equipment is the best I've ever used."



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